Is your business required to be in compliance with federal Information Security regulations? We can help develop a compliance roadmap and assist your organization from initial Risk Assessment to the final Compliance Report.


Risk and Gap Assessments

Instead of blindly applying all applicable controls, we begin with a Risk Assessment to determine what data and applications are impacted. From there, we perform a Gap Assessment and generate a Remediation Plan to determine to get from where you are today to fully compliant. Additionally, we prioritize items based on business risk and need, and consider the productivity impact of all remediation tasks to ensure your business continues to function at full capacity.



K2 Solutions will assess the knowledge and information needs of your staff including end-users, management and executives, and IT staff. We can provide in-person or pre-recorded training to groups or individuals, or recommend 3rd party training where applicable. Once initial training is complete, quizzes to guarantee information retention, as well as practical exercises such as phishing simulation are offered.



Being in compliance with the required regulations without having the proper documentation can hurt your business. We are able to offer the following and more, either as templates, or fully completed documentation;

  • System Security Plan (SSP)
  • Plan of Actions and Milestones (POA&M)
  • Information Security Policies (Including Acceptable Use Policy)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Gap Assessment
  • Compliance Report
  • Remediation Plan
  • Project Plan



Regulatory Compliance can require many manual processes that are made easier by having the right products in place. We are proud to offer a complete Managed Security Suite that can assist with your compliance efforts as well as your day-to-day security operations.  

Industry Relationships

Our Information Security staff maintains close relationships with key industry players, and can either manage industry relationships, or assist your team with contacting the correct parties as needed. Read more about how K2 Solutions can help with industry relationships. 

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